Our Team


We always work above the legal requirement of 1 practitioner to every 8 children aged three or four years and 1 practitioner to every 4 children aged 2 years and 1 practitioner to every 3 children under 2. 


We operate a key person system that gives each practitioner responsibility for a small number of children.  Your child then has one special adult to relate to which can make settling into the nursery much easier.  The key person is then in a position to deal with each child's individual needs and development, they work within small teams to ensure that other adults can also get to know your child and support them in the nursery. The key person maintains links with you through shared record keeping to ensure that children reach their full potential.


We currently have a team of 25 staff of which we have our Key persons, Apprentices and other practitioners who are employed to allow us to staff above the legal requirements within a childcare provision as well as administrative support to enable the nursery to run efficiently and allow our practitioners to be completely focused on caring for the children in the setting.  

Our key team members are -  




Rachel Stafford

Nursery Owner

Level 6

Kerrie Lewis

Joint Nursery Manager

Level 4

Kajal Patel

Joint Nursery Manager 

Level 3

Sarah Giles

Room Leader - 3-4's

Level 3

Lauren Bercoff

Room Leader - 2-3's

Level 3

Georgie Morrell

Room Leader - 0-2's

Level 3

Sue South

Office Manager



All of our team are First Aid trained, DBS checked and are Child Protection trained. Further training is always on-going to maintain our high standards.