Afternoon Session

Afternoon Session – 13.00 to 18.00



On arrival the children and parents are greeted by a member of staff, they are asked to find their own name card and post it in our registration basket.  Any children bringing their tea with them will be asked to place their lunch boxes on the storage rack provided.  Other members of staff will be available to help the children choose which activity they wish to play with.  Parents will be encouraged to bring their children into the setting and to stay for a short while if they wish to settle them. 


Activities and Free Play


The children will move around the playroom freely, members of staff will support and interact with the children. During this time the children will have the opportunity to participate in a more structured activity (covering many of the 7 learning areas) with their key person.  Many of these activities will be planned for outside in order that children gain the benefit of learning in the outdoor environment. However, the doors to the outside area are open for most of the session to enable children to take any learning they do inside into the outdoor area, and gain the experience of all forms of weather.  Children are able to access resources by themselves or are encouraged to ask for anything they are particularly interested in. During the afternoon the children will be invited to join small groups for stories, singing, sounds and letters and problem solving and numeracy games


Snack time


During the afternoon we offer the children a choice of water or milk, which they are encouraged to pour for themselves.  The children are also encouraged to clear away their cups.  We will always ensure that the children have washed their hands before having their drink.


We find that children are usually still full from their lunch therefore we only offer fruit at this time if they want any food.


Tidy-up time


Children are always given an advance warning that it is approaching tidy–up time and the children and adults will tidy up together.


Tea Time


The children sit in small groups at tables to eat their tea with the support of our staff.  The children will also get the opportunity to choose the equipment that is being put out for the next morning session.


After the children have finished their tea they wash their hands and will have time to rest if they wish, or they can go out to play.


Come-together time



The children and adults will come together as a whole group – we say good afternoon to each other in different languages, celebrate birthdays and our WOWs from home and nursery.


Home Time



The children get their coats and bags ready and will wait in the quiet room until their parents/carers come to collect them.  We will usually sing a few songs whilst we are waiting.



To cater for children who stay all day we try to ensure that the activities on offer in the morning are not repeated in the afternoon.  This ensures they have a range of experiences and stimulation.  We also make sure that there is an area in our quiet room for children who stay all day to rest if they need to.