Terms & Conditions


The terms and conditions are agreed by the management of Butterfly Nursery Ltd and are as follows:-




  • Morning sessions                      08.50 to 11.50
  • Afternoon sessions                   11.50 to 14.50 (includes lunch)


Fees and Payments


  •  Fees are charged at a rate of £4.25 per hour


  • Fees are reviewed annually and if necessary any increases are implemented in the September of each year.



  • Registration fee/deposit of £50.00 is payable when a child joins the nursery this secures a place and £30.00 will be refunded to you when your child leaves.  The £20.00 is used towards the cost of insurance and administration and is therefore non-refundable once paid.  Children purely accessing the EYEE will not be charged the refundable element however parents wishing to reserve hours for EYEE prior to becoming eligible will be charged the full deposit.


  • Invoices are issued termly at the end of the preceding term.  Fees are due on your child's first session of the term, either to be paid in full or arrangements can be made to pay weekly by agreement with the nursery. 


  • Under payment or late payment requests will not be authorised.  Late payments of more than 1 week will be subject to a £10.00 charge.


  • Late collection will be subject to a charge of the full hourly rate for every quarter of an hour in order to cover staffing costs.


  •  Any ad-hoc hours must be paid for in advance.


  • Should your fees become more than a week overdue we may advise you that you cannot bring your child to nursery until the fees are brought up to date. 


  • Should the fees remain unpaid we will have no option but to cancel your child's sessions and your deposit will be used to recover any outstanding fees.


EYEE Funding


  • Children eligible for 2 year old funding must supply the nursery with proof of eligibility from East Sussex County Council prior to an offer of a place being made.


  • We are registered with Ofsted and currently receive funding for all 4 year olds and also for 3 year olds from the term following their 3rd birthday for up to 15 hours per week for 38 weeks per year (subject to availability).  Parents will be informed when funding for their child begins and will be required to provide the nursery with a copy of the child's birth certificate or passport upon starting nursery.


  • Funded hours must be claimed in multiples of 3 hours with a minimum claim of 6 hours per week.


  • The first 15 hours booked to your child during the week are deemed as the funded hours.  Any remaining hours are considered non-funded hours and charged accordingly - e.g. If your child attends 6 hours per day, Monday to Friday (total of 30 hours) then the first 15 hours are funded and the latter 15 hours are charged at our hourly rate.


Notice of Termination or Change to booked sessions


  • Should your child leave the nursery before the end of the school year in July the Nursery requires a minimum of 1 month's written notice.  Should you provide less than 1 month then the nursery reserves the right to hold your deposit.


  • Should you wish to change your child's sessions the Nursery requires a minimum of 2 weeks notice.  Increases in sessions are subject to availability and written confirmation will be given.  EYEE sessions are agreed at the start of the funding period and cannot be changed until the next funding period.


  • The nursery reserves the right to terminate your child's place with or without notice for non-payment of fees, misconduct of parents or any other reason deemed reasonable.




  • Please inform us if your child will be absent from nursery.


  • Non-attendance due to holiday, sickness or other will be charged at normal rate as running costs remain the same. 


  • The nursery closes during school holidays and bank holidays and there is no charge for this period.


  • Nursery closure during term time due to reasons beyond our control will be charged - e.g. if the school decides to close the school site and we therefore have to also.


General Information & Advice


  • Please inform us of any change of address, telephone number or mobile number and if there are any changes to the persons permitted to collect your child from nursery.


  • Children must be picked up promptly.  If you are going to be late please let us know so that we can tell your child and reassure them.  Late collection will be subject to a charge of the full hourly rate for every quarter of an hour in order to cover staffing costs.


  • If your child is not collected after 30 minutes and we are unable to contact you the staff will contact our local Duty and Assessment team at Children's Services for advice.


  • If you are unable to collect your child yourself, please let a member of staff know the person who will be collecting your child.  A password may be requested to be given upon entry.


  • Let us know if your child has anything infectious or has to attend hospital.


  • Do not bring your child to nursery if they are unwell, for example if they have had sickness or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours.  Some conditions like conjunctivitis are very contagious and spread through the nursery like wildfire. We will contact you to collect your child if they become ill at nursery.


  • All children staying for the afternoon session must bring their own lunch including a drink in a lunch box and you must ensure that an ice-pack is included if your child is staying all day.


  • Please ensure you close the outside door behind you when you leave and if you are the last parent to leave the Nursery you ensure that the door is locked behind you.


  • Smoking is prohibited in the nursery.


  • Mobile phones are prohibited in the nursery.


  • Please dress your child in old clothes.  We do have aprons but no matter how hard we try the children do sometimes get paint or water on themselves.  This applies to outdoor as well as indoor activities. 


  • Please bring nappies if required, spare underwear and a change of clothes for your child in the red bag provided when your child started nursery.


  • T-shirts and sweatshirts are available to purchase at the nursery.




  • Should you have any complaint or suggestions for the nursery, the senior management would be pleased to discuss any issues with you.


  • If you feel that your child was unsafe, or have other more serious worries we have provided the address and telephone number below for Ofsted and will follow up any serious allegation of misconduct.



Piccadilly Gate

Store Street


M1 2WD                      


Telephone; 0300 123 1231